Call For Presentations for Film Festivals, Seminars and Workshops

We always look for balanced and diverse programming to fill our Film Festivals, Seminars and Workshops.

It is the mission of Our World-Underwater to provide the diving community and general public with the most current information about our underwater world, its diversity, impact of the aquatic environment on humans, new developments in underwater technology, underwater photography, diver education and our maritime heritage. We will be accepting Calls for Presentations From April 30th - September 1, 2015.


In order to produce the highest quality program, the Friday and Saturday Night Film Festivals have been by invitation. We are always interested in new talent and material so if you, or you know someone who would be interested in being a part of the Evening Film Festivals, please let us know.

Your material for the Film Festivals should be 8 - 12 minutes. For additional information please contact or you can

Download our Call for Presentations for the Film Festivals here:
Word Document or PDF Format.


Presentation/Seminars Rooms: These will be based on the number of responses received for each of the following rooms. Occasionally we change room titles to accommodate programs that might not necessarily fit these themes.

1.  Shipwrecks and Our Maritime Heritage: It is our objective to feature entertaining presentations that identify our maritime heritage and demonstrate how these treasures should be protected for future generations to appreciate.

2.  Wonders of the Sea: We would like to see presentations that educate the audience to the diversity of our underwater world. Consideration can be given to the iterrelationships of those wonders and what their role is in making this fragile habitat so exciting. Preservation should be highlighted.

3.  Our Changing Underwater Environment: We will feature presentations that explain the latest information about the effects of the aquatic environment on humans, aquatic life and the impact to the world. Educating consumers safety and prevention procedures and programs available.

4.  Underwater Photography Techniques: We will feature presentations that demonstrate principles of underwater photography, both video and digital still images with the helpful hints and techniques for photographers.

5.  Technical/Cave/Ice Diving: Providing the audience with a look at specialty diving situations.

6.  Dive Medicine: Providing presentations on specific concerns on Medical Conditions related to diving.

7.  Science and Technology in Our Underwater World: We would like to feature presentations that inform divers and the general public about the latest research on topics which will help increase our understanding of the underwater world.

8.  Interviews: Small interviews with Diving Legends.

Your programs DO NOT need to be in their final form in order to be submitted. We realize the most current presentations may take additional time to complete. However, please be as complete as possible in your synopsis.

Download your Call For Presentations for Seminars here: Word Document or PDF Format.

Time frames for workshops are from 8:00am - Noon or 1:00pm - 4:00pm. You can schedule either half day or full day workshops and they are offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Download your Call for Presentations for Workshops here: Word Document or PDF Format.

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Please note, Our World Underwater Dive & Travel Show is a separate entity from the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society