Why Exhibit?

Your support of the show supports the Tim Early Foundation, which administers grants for the aquatic programs in the Midwest. The Tim Early Foundation has granted over $100,000 and has been involved in the reefing of two ships off Chicago.

 Who Attends?

- All attendees are interested in the aquatic world. 
- Age Category                Martial Status                                Education
   18-25     5.9%                 Single                   25%                  High School        9.18%
   26-35    10.97%              Married                 59.70%              Some College   27.74%
   36-45    21.41%              In a Relationship   10.65%              College            59.18%
   46-65    54.54%
   +65        4.43%
Annual Income                              Diver                                Member Of:
   $0-25,000                5.59%           Yes  86.39%                      Facebook        54.43%
   $25.001-50,000    12.87%             No  10.86%                       Twitter           8.54%
   $50,001-75,000    23.31%                                                    LinkedIn        19.62%
   $75,001-100,000  19.30%
   $100,000+           19.94%
- Both novice and experienced divers come to the show to learn more about equipment and to   provide guidance in purchasing equipment. 
- Children come to explore and learn how they can become involved in the aquatic world. 
- Expected attendance: +12,000. 
- It is early enough in the year to schedule dive trips - short term (spring time) and long-term     to "exotic"  destinations. 
- Great way to meet divers looking to get out and DIVE! 
- Attendees are looking for dive destinations and booking their trips. 
- Divers from all surrounding states come for the workshops and film festivals.

Dive Center Advantage
- Exposure of your center. 
- Get your name out there. 
- Meet customers you have not seen in a while. 
- Meet divers new to the area. 
- You can visit with your existing customers and recruit new ones. 
- New customers who are excited about diving. 
- Can sell basic equipment to attendees as well as other items to the non-divers while making    their dream of scuba a reality. 
- Promote your upcoming dive trips. 

Equipment Manufacturers
- Dive Manufacturers Advantage. 
- Visit with Midwest divers and learn their special interests. 
- Introduce your product line to both divers and non-divers. 
- Exhibit products that may not have been displayed in the local stores. 
- Promote your products. 
- Open new accounts. 
- Customers have the opportunity to to meet with and talk to you reps to answer technical        questions and give advice. 
- Link with dealers and bond with customers. 
- Manufacturers receive feedback from people that use the equipment. 

Dive Travel Advantage
- Cross promote your properties. 
- Promote with dive centers on receiving open water and continuing education referrals. 
- Highlight your property. 
- SELL travel to divers looking to get away from the brutal Midwest winter! 
- Offer all-inclusive packages featuring scuba diving. Have one of our mid-west stores train       them in the classroom and pool, and come to your area for completion. 
- Live aboard can introduce new/non-divers to a whole new concept of travel. 
- Can fill up destinations during non-peak seasons. 

Your continued support of Our World-Underwater is not only appreciated, but also shows your loyalty to the diving industry.

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