Get The Most From Your Booth & Maximize Your Investment!

    · Make your booth look inviting and exciting.  Have someone standing to great customers. Keep it from being dull; make it look active with videos, music, and photos.

    · Is your booth open and inviting or have you placed your roadblock out there such as chairs and tables?  Make it so people want to walk in to you space.

    · What do you have that jumps out to catch my attention? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Use bullet points not paragraphs.

    · Have a clear plan for being there, two much signage is not only confusing but will make people gravitate away from your booth, not into it.

    · Greet people as they approach and not with a “Can I help you?”  This is a terrible greet and can be answered with a “NO” and now you have no place to go. A better greet may be, “welcome, please come in the booth and look around. If you have a travel booth, “Have you been to this location before?”  Spark up a conversation, and show your interest in them.

    · So you are there for awareness. Look at your booth as a customer, what jumps out at you?

    · You may be there looking for leads.  What is your plan to get them? Asking for an address is not the way.  A contest just might work or a raffle may work. The point is you need a retrieval plan.

    · Don’t brag about being number at the show.  It is hard to believe any one company is number one.  Instead show what you have earned, such as an award.  Remember just your presence at the show, shows you are someone.

    · You are there to see current clients, so why not do a few FaceBook Events or email blasts to invite your customers to the show.  Tell them to see you and what booth-number you are in.  Inviting them to the show is a great way to get customers there.  Some people do not want to invite their customers because their competition will try to take them away. Guess what, they are not your customer 100% of the time.  They will go to others at some point but your goal should be to get them to always come back to you.  You know you can’t hide the fact a show is coming, most shows spend 20 to 25% of the revenues in advertising, they will get to your customers, so why not beat them and tell the loyal customer you are at this show

    · Make you staff appealing; consider a uniform of some type so your team stands out.

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