World of Water - Lone Star State

Friday 8AM Room TBD:

"PSI-PCI Visual Tank Inspection" with Myles TenBroeck  
     Contact:  PSI to register 425.398.4300 or via 

Saturday 8AM Room Comanche:

"PSI-PCI Valve Repair & Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician Courses" with Myles TenBroeck
     Contact:  PSI to register 425.398.4300 or via 

Saturday 1PM Room Comanche:

"Underwater Photography Part 1 -- an easy start from A(perture) to Z(oom)" with Cathy Church

This 3-hour workshop is for beginners or intermediate photographers who want to especially learn what settings are optimum to make lovely photos with any camera. It includes information for divers using cameras such as Sealife, Olympus Tough and other cameras with limited or no f-stop and shutter speed controls. It is also excellent for those who want to get started by using automatic/program modes rather than full manual exposure controls, or for those who are taking both workshops this week-end.

It will cover all aspects of using the best settings for better background exposures and prettier foregrounds, optimum white balance settings, use of add-on lenses, understanding depth of field, best techniques for optimum focus, when to use zoom or wider lenses, etc. You will learn Cathy's favorite creative lighting techniques for more beautiful photos with any system.  

This is a hands-on workshop, so you should bring your camera with you (and an extra battery and your owner's manual if possible.) Please e-mail Cathy in advance here and tell her what brand and model of camera and housing you have. She will prepare a handout specifically to your camera to make sure that you will know how to find each setting that she discusses. As the brochure says "Cathy takes a complex topic and makes it clear. Her humorous, easy-to-understand approach has made her the country's most popular photo instructor.”

If you need a full lesson on using strobes, and more advanced techniques to get those extra special creative photos take Cathy's second workshop "Creative Underwater Lighting, also called "Mastering Underwater lighting".

 Limit 30 
 Contact:  Cathy to Signup
 Cost:  $70 or signup for both classes for $120


Sunday 1PM Comanche Room :

“UW Photography Part 2: Getting Creative” with Cathy Church — great for beginners and experienced photographers

This amazingly informative workshop covers the use of exposure controls with SLR, Mirrorless and compact cameras with external strobes to create more stunning underwater photos.

Topics will cover all aspects of underwater lighting from understanding ambient light to produce great natural light color and black and white photos, to using strobes for primary lighting and for balanced flash fill. You will learn Cathy's favorite creative lighting techniques with ultra close-ups and when to use single or multiple strobes for more beautiful wide angle photos. If you do not already know what an f-stop and shutter speed are, please email her at ( for a two-page handout to read in advance to make your seminar more enjoyable.

You will also learn about tools like snoots, diffusers and flouro photography.

As the brochure says, "Cathy takes a complex topic and makes it clear. Her humorous, easy-to-understand approach has made her the country's most popular photo instructor."

Photographers without manual exposure controls are welcome to attend if they cannot attend the Saturday workshop. Although some information will not pertain to your system, you can still learn a lot about lighting styles and about the things you need to consider as you move up to another camera.

It is not necessary to bring your camera system to this workshop unless you will have questions specific to your set up where handling it would be an advantage to your learning.

 Limit 45
 Contact:  Cathy to Signup
 Cost:  $70 or signup for both classes for $120

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