Rogest the Artist

Student Artwork will  be  on display at Our World-Underwater Dive Show 

Rogest the artist will work with kids from Marysville Academy in this Relational Teaching Model it is one that is built on mutual respect between student and teacher.  It emphasizes and builds on student strengths, thus fostering a sense of accomplishment and fueling the student’s desire to learn more.  This is especially important for students who have not been able to thrive in other academic settings.This is very near and dear to the heart of Rogest . "The arts and painting is a great way to connect and learn ".  

Ron Steven, better known as Rogest, was born in Montreal Canada  and grew up in England and the BVI. As a school boy in England, he spent much of his time dreaming of the oceans and its wonders.Rogest is one of the most recognized painters in Marine Dot Art today. He has perfected a dotalistic style of painting, a true pioneer of modern day bright dot art. Thru his art, words and teachings, Rogest combines his passion for diving and the oceans, sharing its beauty and fragility. For the past decade, Rogest has made it his personal and business mission to educate and help save the environment one dot and one brushstroke at a time. Rogest has delivered a message of environmental awareness about the oceans we all love and enjoy with his involvement with the Kids Sea Camps, hospitalized kids in Canada, foster kids in Cayman, village kids in PNG and Fiji along with schools and libraries in Canada, England, USA, Australia, Singapore and invites to various other events. Art is an amazingly stimulating way to get people of all ages and races excited and involved.

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