Scuba Diving Vacation In Florida

Miami is the second-largest city in the state of Florida, United States of America. It is located in the southeastern part of the state, between Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. Florida is in fact a cosmopolitan vacation destination with some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving resorts in the world. Due to the tropical climate and warm waters off the seashore in Florida, Miami is an excellent destination for scuba diving vacations and practicing other water sports. As a result, in the entire area have been developed numerous beach resorts and luxury hotels. Miami Beach is famous in USA for the sunny weather, crystal waters, relaxing atmosphere and excellent vacation deals.

Located across Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach is one of the most popular waterfront in the US, with millions of tourists from all over the world visiting it yearly. Some of the premier beaches and dive sites in Miami are the Bal Harbor Beach, Bill Baggs State Recreation Area, Crandon Park Beach, Hobie Beach/Windsurfer Beach, Miami Mid Beach, Miami North Beach, Oleta State Recreation Area and South Pointe Park. Of course, on all of these beaches can be found dive shops where tourists can buy or rent aquatic equipment.

Vacations In Florida – Dive Resorts In Miami, Florida Keys, Key West & Key Largo

One of the best snorkeling and dive destinations in North America is Florida Keys, a long chain of islands located south to Miami. Taking a trip to Florida Keys is for any passionate diver in USA a must do experience. Everywhere in the Keys can be practiced snorkeling and diving (along with other vacation activities like fishing), starting in north at Key Largo, continuing to the middle of the chain at Marathon, and ending at Key West, which is the southernmost community and where are settled some of the best hotels in the region. Tourists from Miami can reach Key Largo by car in about 45 minutes and find there the protected Pennekamp Marine Park, a location where can be seen more marine life than in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Key Largo is a town specialized in scuba diving vacations in Florida, and as a result there are numerous dive operators, beach resorts and retailers supplying aquatic equipment.

Scuba diving in Florida Keys is very rewarding because there is a large variety of dive sites and travel deals to Key West are very convenient. Many coral reefs like Molasses Reef and French Reef, filled with multitude of fish species, are located in shallow waters. With depths ranging from 30 to 50 feet, these places are perfect for beginner divers, as well as for those who wish to take night dives or even snorkeling tours. Travelers find on these reefs some amazing shipwrecks like the Benwood wreck, where the richness of marine life cannot disappoint any diver. For advanced divers, Florida Keys offer some spectacular destinations where can be explored large wrecks such as Duane, a former coast-guard ship. The most recent ship that sunken there is Spiegel Grove, but this site is also recommended just to advanced divers.

Diving Resorts & Hotels In Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is a vacation paradise for millions of visitors every year. The culture, the exciting nightlife, the beaches and the shopping make for the perfect vacation place with everything one could want at their fingertip. For visitors who are interested in seeing a more natural aspect of the city, there is another side to Miami – the scuba diving culture that has been picking up there over the last few years. The great weather and exquisite dive locations make for perfect submarine excursions. Tourists can embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Ocean Safari Dive Adventures that departs at Miami Beach Marina daily and see spectacular tropical fish and other critters of the deeps. New divers can get certified and embark on their first dive with The Dive and Surf Center and sail on over to Key Largo where they dive around John Pennekamp Marine Sanctuary. Through Divers Den Miami, visitors have the chance to conquer their fears with a Megalodon shark dive and recover two-million-year-old teeth that belonged to these monsters of the deep. Squalo Divers, Tarpoon Lagoon Dive Center, The Scuba Shop, Underwater Unlimited and Kanaloa Divers are all companies in Miami offering dive trips to various locations.

For divers who prefer to explore the underwater world of reefs and caverns around Miami on their own, there are many popular and excellent diving sites. Antenna Reef is an artificial reef made from old sections of radio towers that now host coral and many species of marine life. Emerald Reef is a natural, colourful reef in shallow waters off the coast. The area around Fowley Lighthouse is full of shallow reefs where one can view yellowtail, lobsters and other marine life. Bache Shoal is a popular dive spot that is also a great snorkeling location for children. There are also many dive spots that host shipwrecks such as the Andro Shipwreck, The Belzona Barge Shipwreck, and an F-4 fighter’s wreck.

Besides shipwrecks, coral, man-made, and natural reefs, scuba divers see many other things while exploring the underwater world around Miami. Marine plant life such as underwater mangrove, phytoplankton and varying species of seaweed and sea grass make for a colourful world beneath the surface. Tropical fish are always seen on any dive, but sometimes other visitors such as dolphins, turtles, sharks and even whales may be spotted. Even the boat rides or hikes to some of the dive spots are adventures in themselves with spectacular scenery and quaint marina lining the shoreline. Of course, one can’t forget that some of the best things about scuba diving vacations around Miami is the great weather, warm waters and clear visibility, so visitors can be assured of a great dive every time.

Miami is a seaport city, so as long as visitors choose hotels or resorts within the city, they can rest assured they would be close to most of the dive sites. However, everyone will find the desired location because there are many hotel services that offer great map services. Some of the best-rated accommodations in Miami include: Doral Golf Resort and Spa Marriott, where divers can have the best of both worlds with great diving and golfing at their doorstep; Trump International Beach Resort offers spa services in a private waterfront cabana to help ease the tension of a busy day diving and seeing the sites; Miami Beach Resort is a colorful, relaxing Oceanside paradise; Fontainebleau is close to all the sites and attractions that Miami has to offer including diving; the Palms Hotel and Spa is a luxury vacation property for those visitors who like to be spoiled after a long day. Of course, there are many other lodging choices, so all travelers find with ease a beach resort where can spend a rewarding diving vacation in Florida.

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